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A Rotten Conundrum: The Demise of Personal Opinion

It’s no secret that I’m a devoted fan of grandiose summer movies, especially those produced by Marvel and DC. Superhero stories have long been a personal source of inspiration and escapist joy, and I eagerly await each new chapter in…
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Worth 1000 Words: What’s in a Desktop Wallpaper?

I recently purchased a new laptop (hooray!) after ten years of writing on an ancient, Frankenstein’s monster of a machine. While setting it all up, I was greeted by a beautiful nature image on the desktop that did absolutely nothing…
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Scott Summers: The Man, The Mutant, The Mission

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, was never my favorite member of the X-Men. He felt like a flat, uninteresting do-gooder whining in the shadow of Wolverine’s more exciting and controversial tactics. Two major forces have restricted Scott’s personal development throughout his…
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