J. Edward Ritchie



The Seraphim of Fall From Grace


The six-winged Seraphim are the strongest and most respected angels in the Angelic Host. As viceroys for the seven diverse regions of Heaven, they oversee the peace to ensure absolute harmony among their brothers



“I will not deny the Host what is theirs by right. His Word is not mine to censor.”

Also known as the Logos, Michael is the spiritual leader of Heaven and the sole angel who receives the Word of their Father. The sheer magnitude of his grace is hidden under a quiet, modest exterior. Though beloved by all as an icon of faith, Michael does not crave any leadership or influence beyond his station. He is content to help his brothers explore their personal connection to the Creator. But when everything he loves is threatened, Michael will have to embrace his power to reunite the Host or see Heaven doomed to ruin.



“I am as the Creator made me––flawless.”

As Archon of Heaven, Satanail is a celebrated figure of authority and progress that lavishes the attention bestowed upon him. A visionary orator, his words carry unmatched influence among the Host. Much of Heaven’s prosperity can be attributed to Satanail’s genius, but pride and ambition cause him to seek out knowledge that others would deem controversial…or even dangerous. Whereas Michael is unquestioning in his faith to the Creator, Satanail’s loyalty is first and foremost to his brothers. He will not abide any Word, divine or not, that could threaten the perfection and cosmic standing of the Host.



“You don’t know a damn thing about me.”

Gabriel is a carefree, occasionally reckless farmer with a youthful mind and unparalleled physical talents. A love of life’s pleasures (and drink) has kept Gabriel from realizing his full potential, despite Michael’s continued efforts to groom him for greater responsibility. Emotions may cause his loyalty to waver at times, but Gabriel always stands by what he believes is right for the Host.



“Do not assume to know the worth of any angel, even those that defy the structure you hold so dear.”

A delicate, beautiful angel of nature and healing, Raphael leads the choir of Thrones in using their grace to mend any physical or spiritual turmoil. His deep connection to the energies flowing through all life has solidified Raphael as one of the most altruistic angels in Heaven. He avoids excess, preferring a minimalist existence of solitude and meditation in the forest of Raqia.



“My thoughts feel as polished steel hammered into distortion.”

Uriel is a gentle giant and the premiere blacksmith in Heaven, earning him the title of Forgemaster. He is the only angel impervious to fire and uses that gift to construct the architecture of Heaven from within the volcanic Mount Maadim. Uriel always follows Michael’s example, perhaps to a fault, and rarely dwells on events beyond the physical tranquility of hammering away in his Forge.



“Every angel has all the energy of creation, it only needs to be tapped.”

Even-keeled and not one to entertain extremes, Cassiel is reason made flesh. He guides the choir of Cherubim in controlling the weather and environment of Heaven from the Nest facility. It is an existence that demands calm logic to control the turbulent elemental forces of Heaven’s environment. While many find his disposition uninviting, there is an art to his analytical detachment that few very angelic minds are capable of achieving.



“For all that you are, Michael, you’ve never held the rage of an entire people in your hands.”

Sammael chose to shepherd the strange creatures known as the Forgotten when all others shunned them. Eons of isolation with his flock have perverted his morals into depravity and resentment. Removed from the collective grace of the Host, Sammael is barely recognizable as an angel. He has been absent from Heavenly affairs for so long that most no longer remember his name. Sammael pledges loyalty to no one––angel or Creator.

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