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Full title: The Assumption of the Virgin Artist: Francesco Botticini Date made: probably about 1475-6 Source: http://www.nationalgalleryimages.co.uk/ Contact: picture.library@nationalgallery.co.uk Copyright © The National Gallery, London

The Celestial Hierarchy of Fall From Grace


The Host of Heaven developed their Celestial Hierarchy to gather angels with similar talents, visionaries of their chosen trades, and amplify their expertise. Nine “Choirs” of angels were established to achieve the complete potential of their society while providing a sense of purpose, community, and companionship.



“The Seraphim were dispersed among the army as lodestars of fortitude and shone brighter than the great thermogenesis that disseminated the first elements of Creation.”

The six-winged Seraphim are the strongest and most respected angels in the Host. As viceroys for the seven regions of Heaven, they oversee the peace to ensure constant harmony among their brothers.

Though all voices are equal in Heaven, the Council of Seraphim has earned the Host’s absolute trust by leading their society through eons of uninterrupted prosperity. Of the seven Seraphs, none are more beloved than Michael and Satanail.



“Active Cherubs have no awareness of their surroundings. Every neuron in their brains is focused on the task.” – Cassiel

The Cherubim are masters of the divine––and controversial––science of terraformation. Stationed in the region of Shamayin and led by the Seraph Cassiel, they manipulate all aspects of Heaven’s environment and topography to suit the Host’s needs.

Within the Nest facility, the Cherubim enter a dormant state that frees their minds from conscious thought. Their grace then produces a unique energy that is harvested within the Nest’s core and dispersed across the lands. This energy has been used to reshape Heaven from its primordial beginnings to the current paradise.



“Lay a hand on me, and it’ll take every last Throne to mend you.” – Gabriel

The Thrones live a secluded, meditative life at their Monastery in the forest region of Raqia. Under the tutelage of the Seraph Raphael, they act as a combination of doctor and spiritual psychologist. By channeling the energies coursing through Heaven that connect all life, they are able to heal the bodies and minds of the Host.

Each Throne has taken a vow of altruism. They are delicate and docile angels with softer, more feminine features than their brothers. No Choir is more passive or benevolent.



“Only the most meticulous minds thrived as Dominions, unsung angels of routine and order.”

The Dominions are bureaucratic geniuses that maintain the political and administrative structures of Heaven. Stationed within the Grand Hall of Araboth City, they thrive on organization, such as managing the minutiae of the Celestial Hierarchy.

Though their duties aren’t as visible as other Choirs, the Dominions are just as talented and important to Heaven’s stability.



“The Virtues lived in a world of numbers and theory, and as such were not the most social of angels.”

The Virtues are astronomers stationed in the Observatory floating high above Araboth City. Using the cosmic telescopes, they document and monitor all of the galaxies, matter, and cosmic energies of Creation––an infinite task demanding the utmost patience.

Studying the vast Cosmos on such a macro scale is a feat of mathematical brilliance. Under the guidance of an angel who calls himself Time, the Virtues’ minds are ever occupied with endless theories of physics and quantum mechanics.



“They [Powers] could read hundreds of pages in a single breath while using both hands to inscribe the Heavenly Records.”

The Powers are scholars of history charged with writing the Heavenly Record located in the Scribe’s Library. The Choir is split into two subdivisions: Watchers and Recorders connected by a mental bridge that allows them to witness and document all that transpires on Heaven.

The blind, six-armed Scribe, Metatron, is the nexus through which the Powers’ knowledge flows. Their minds are more developed and powerful than any physical muscle.



“How poetic. You’ve a touch of Princedom in you.” – Satanail

The Princedoms are creativity and inspiration made flesh. Painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, and actors, their mastery of the arts is boundless. They are the most flamboyant and social angels whose sole desire is to bring beauty and joy to Heaven.

The Coliseum in Araboth City features the Princedoms’ work through galleries, theatrical performances, and lavish celebrations. They don’t need a reason to launch into grand festivities––life is reason enough.



“The rugged, unkempt caretakers lived among its animals like kin, committed to the analysis and preservation of Heaven’s creatures.”

The Archangels are caretakers of every creature on Heaven, operating under the belief that all life should be treated with equal love and admiration. Their Wildlife Reserve in Machonon, run by the twins Jehoel and Hailael, mimics the various environments of Heaven and allows them to study the biology and habits of each unique species.

Having followed the evolution of Animalkind since they were all single-celled organisms, the Archangels consider them their kin as much as any angel.



“The lean, two-winged athletic messengers knew every nuance of Heaven’s atmospheric circulation and were second only to he [Michael] and Satanail in their speed of flight.”

Angels, not to be confused with the general term “angel” for the race, are the fastest flyers in Heaven. Constantly traveling, they are messengers and liaisons that prefer not to be tied to any single region.

The nomadic Angels know every route across Heaven––land or air.



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