J. Edward Ritchie

cosmosThe Seven Regions of Heaven


“When the Great Spark scattered those elements of life across the Cosmos, something unique formed on the fringes. Not a celestial body of natural formation, but rather the fruits of divinity ripened into a primordial prototype for all that would follow. That paradise of harmony and peace was given to us. Our Heaven.” – Michael



“Built among the gradual slopes of the tallest mountain in Heaven and surrounded by lush plains, Araboth City was a creation worthy of the Host.”

Viceroy: Satanail

Araboth was the Host’s first settlement, an urban metropolis built on a mountain located in the epicenter of Heaven. The city is the political, cultural, and religious nexus of angelic civilization. It houses such iconic structures as the Grand Hall, the Sanctuary, the Coliseum, and the Observatory floating high above the city. A holy chamber hidden deep in the mountain core was where the Fires of Creation breathed life into the angels.



“Each region of Heaven was a unique utopia, but no other area had Machonon’s pastoral allure sculpted by nature and time.”

Viceroy: Michael

Machonon is a vibrant yet minimalist coastal region bordered by a vast ocean. It is a land of serenity and contemplation, a spiritual haven where angels can enjoy a solitary life away from the city bustle. The Archangel Wildlife Reserve has drawn a wide array of creatures to Machonon from all across Heaven.



“The lands of Raqia stretched in a sea of condensed trees with a canopy that concealed the wondrous creations within.”

Viceroy: Raphael

Raqia is the largest forest in Heaven, filled with ancient trees and diverse species of flora older than any angel. The homes and structures within are built among the trees and foliage in a symbiotic marriage with the natural ecosystem. The forest is home to the Monastery of Thrones where the Choir trains to tap into the healing energies coursing through all life in Heaven.



“As Michael approached the farming region of Shehaqim, the grasslands became robust fields flourishing with crops that supplied the majority of Heaven’s food.”

Viceroy: Gabriel

Shehaqim contains Heaven’s richest soil, which has been cultivated into plentiful crop fields that span the region. Nestled among the farmlands is the Tree of Life that produces manna––the Host’s primary source of sustenance. The raw liquid is processed in the Refinery and then shipped out across Heaven.



“Shamayim was a region of constant environmental metamorphosis. The landscape shifted as if hands beneath the surface were kneading it like warm dough”

Viceroy: Cassiel

Shamayim rests across the ocean from Machonon and is a region of raw elemental power, uninhabited except for the Cherubim. Their facility known as the Nest allows the Choir to control all aspects of Heaven’s environment, but the process leaves Shamayim’s landscape and weather in a state of flux.



“Zebul’s frigid tundra stretched below Satanail, the sparse shrubs and grasses matted down under fresh snow. The quiet surface concealed a labyrinth of mines where precious minerals and ore were collected for use in Heaven’s radiant architecture.”

Viceroy: Uriel

Zebul is a polar region settled around Mount Maadim––an active volcano. Underground mines snaking through the region provide a wealth of ores and gemstones utilized in all manner of Heaven’s society. Deep within the volcano is the Forge where blacksmiths process and package the base materials.



“The region was a desolate void of cavernous landmasses that floated like fragmented islands above an impenetrable, obsidian mist. Violent, primal energies shot up from the mist and into the fractured terrain, maintaining its aerial buoyancy.”


Viceroy: Sammael

Mathey is the secluded kingdom of Sammael, a Seraph who split from the Host to protect the imperfect beings dubbed the Forgotten. It is an autonomous region unaffected by the Nest and with no Heavenly presence or civilization. The disparate chunks of land are barely habitable without any defining structures except for Sammael’s pyramid. No angel has traveled to Mathey in eons, and the Forgotten’s existence has been relegated to myth.

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