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A Writer’s Game part 2 – DmC (Devil May Cry)

Third person action/adventures may be my favorite type of video games. God of War and Uncharted are among my most beloved franchises. For me, there’s nothing more immersive than controlling a visible character (as opposed to first person) and exploring…
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A Writer’s Game part 1 – Far Cry 4

I’ve been a gamer since receiving my first NES console and Super Mario Bros. Stomping on goombas and turtles, getting coins, eating mushrooms…I was hooked. Since then, video games have evolved from basic run/jump/shoot titles requiring twitch reflexes and infinite…
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American Sniper – A Hero’s Requiem

  Now that the Academy Awards have come and gone, the films can begin to carve legacies based on their own merits and not campaign hype. I congratulate the winners on their well-deserved Oscars, but for me, one film stood…
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