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The Fanboy and the Apostate, Part 2: Evolution

  The Ritchie and Carlin superhero debate continues! Last week, we discussed how our generational differences and initial exposures to these iconic characters shaped our contrasting views. Have superheroes evolved with the people and times, or are they being exploited by an older generation at the…
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Review: Romulus #1

As superheroes continue to dominate multimedia, it’s easy to forget that the comic medium has many more tales to offer outside of the Marvel and DC universes. Romulus, a new book by Bryan Edward Hill and Nelson Blake II under…
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Yes, I Will Read Your Script*

Every so often I see an article resurface called “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script” by screenwriter Josh Olson, and it never fails to dishearten me. I respect Olson as a peer and have no desire to dissect his…
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A Rotten Conundrum: The Demise of Personal Opinion

It’s no secret that I’m a devoted fan of grandiose summer movies, especially those produced by Marvel and DC. Superhero stories have long been a personal source of inspiration and escapist joy, and I eagerly await each new chapter in…
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Worth 1000 Words: What’s in a Desktop Wallpaper?

I recently purchased a new laptop (hooray!) after ten years of writing on an ancient, Frankenstein’s monster of a machine. While setting it all up, I was greeted by a beautiful nature image on the desktop that did absolutely nothing…
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Verbis Diablo: How Do Writers Choose Words?

Penny Dreadful has returned to deliver a tasty slice of Victorian locution. As a writer, the show has caused a strange question to circle my craft: how exactly do we choose the words for our stories? Where did they originate in our…
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