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Welcome, one and all, to my inaugural website and Blog!


Blog…? That’s just a terrible sounding word, isn’t it? It reminds me of some Tolkien-esque creature lost in the depths of a forgotten age. All fear the mighty and terrible Blog. Devourer of Minds. Scourge of Scribes.

Anywho…here, you will find the musings, rants, essays, and conversational ramblings of my thoughts. But it’s all love––I’m not going to build my brand as an author by criticizing or belittling the work of others. There are far, far too many voices on the Internet spewing hateful bile from the safety of online anonymity. I only wish to celebrate what inspires me while reaching out to readers of similar tastes. My nuggets of insight are meant to appeal to the inner fanboys(girls) and nerds in all of us. To quote one of the kindest cinematic and literary wordsmiths of our time:

We are Groot.”

Thanks for reading.


  1. JAD3

    Already a fan and look forward to following you on this journey. Beware the Blog!

  2. Nuin Giliath

    Looking forward to see your work moving forward! Thanks for getting in contact, hope to learn lots from you.

  3. Donna

    Just a little old school from someone who’s old enough to remember: Blog came from Weblog…back in the days when we still said www. before every website…you know…the dark ages before iPads and sexting.

    Good luck on the book launch!

  4. Annelisa Christensen

    Looking forward to seeing your book when it comes out!

  5. Linda

    I just wanted to comment on your book, what an incredibly excellent read. It brought both tears and laughter to me and allowed me to understand the underlying motivation with myself. That part of me that will not allow the darkness to prevail, the connection to the divine Creator. I thank you, and Write ON!!! 🙂

    1. J. Edward Ritchie (Post author)

      I appreciate the kind words, Linda. This is only the beginning. There’s plenty more Fall From Grace coming up!

  6. Jessica Baumgartner

    Great setup haha


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